Why Visit Colonial Ford of Danbury for an Oil Change?

Incredible value.

Colonial Ford of Danbury provides a comprehensive checkup to help ensure your vehicle operates at optimal performance levels. As part of this service, your Ford will undergo a multi-point inspection, oil change with synthetic blend oil, and tire rotation, all at a very competitive price.

Oil Change Offers

The Works®*synthetic blend oil change and more

*Up to six quarts of Motorcraft® oil and Motorcraft oil filter. Hybrid battery test excluded. See Service Advisor for exclusions and details. Expires 12/31/22. Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.

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Motorcraft® Warranty: Two years. Unlimited mileage. Includes labor. *

*See your U.S. dealer for a copy of the limited warranty. Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.

Ford Parts Warranty: Two years. Unlimited mileage. Includes labor. *

*See your U.S. dealership for a copy of the limited warranty.

Time and convenience.

Ensure Your Ford Runs Smoothly with an Oil Change at Colonial Ford in Danbury

One of the easiest things that new drivers might forget is that a new Ford vehicle runs smoothly as long as you stay up with routine maintenances. Forgetting to have an oil change performed can cause major issues with your engine but it happens to also be a very easy maintenance to perform. At Colonial Ford, drivers from Brookfield and Monroe, CT can easily schedule an oil change with our expert Ford technicians through our service center who will ensure that the service is completed efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.

Why is an Oil Change Important for my Ford Vehicle?

Oil changes provide the means to keep your Ford car, truck or SUV running smoothly and effectively. Oil tends to build up residue and become old and ineffective after many miles or hours of usage. Without changing your oil on a regular basis, you can cause issues with your engine including seizure which can lead to serious damage and very expensive repairs down the road.

When it comes to how often you should get your oil changed, we have a few recommendations based on the age of your vehicle. For newer models, Ford recommends that you get your oil changed every 7,500 miles or six months, whichever comes first. With models that are older, they typically recommend every 5,000 miles or six months. These numbers aren't exact and may fluctuate based on how often you drive around Newtown. It's important to keep track of your vehicle's condition and pay attention when service lights appear on your dash.

if you want expert service performed on your Ford near New Milford, Colonial Ford is exactly the right place to be. You can schedule an appointment through our online scheduler or by giving us a call and setting one up that conveniently fits into your schedule. We look forward to helping you keep your Ford on the road for many years to come!

Trust in our knowledge and expertise.

With today's hi‐tech vehicles, even something seemingly as simple as an oil change requires up‐to‐date knowledge of a vehicle's engine and its specs. You get that at Colonial Ford of Danbury. We have the right parts, tools and techs to help ensure your service is done correctly the first time.

Why are oil changes so important?

Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than ever — and even something seemingly as simple as an oil change requires expert knowledge of a vehicle’s engine and its specs. You get that at Colonial Ford of Danbury. We have the right parts, technology and trained certified technicians to help ensure your service is performed correctly the first time.

How do I know my oil needs changing?

Paying close attention to your vehicle's owner's manual and its scheduled maintenance intervals at the recommended mileage, will help ensure that oil changes are done before any engine damage can occur.

For 2008 and newer model‐year vehicles, Ford recommends changing your oil every 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

For 2007 and older model‐year vehicles, Ford recommends an oil change every 5,000miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

Another way to keep track is by watching the oil monitor message on your dashboard. Many newer‐model vehicles come equipped with the Intelligent Oil‐Life Monitor® that will inform you when it's time to change your oil and filter.

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