Depend on Our Service Team in Danbury, CT

Winter can prove dangerous if drivers fail to ready their Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. At Colonial Ford in Danbury, CT, we conduct services that can prepare your vehicles and ensure that their maintenance is not overlooked. Schedule an appointment with our service technicians and have your car checked out today!

Services for the Winter

Tire Care

Ask our team about the many ways we can help keep you safe by serving your tires. Our dealership provides Newtown, CT, drivers with comprehensive tire care. This includes tire rotations, wheel alignments, general tread inspections, and more!

One of the most common and popular services we can do during the cold season is to replace your wheels with winter tires. Winter tires are made sturdy, and with more traction, so they can handle snowy roads better. When the season changes again, we can switch them back to your original wheels.

Battery Inspections

The cold can have a negative effect on the power levels of the car battery. New Milford, CT drivers should have our team check their battery levels often. We'll let you know when it's time for a replacement.

Heater Check & Repair

Winter in Brookfield, CT can get pretty cold, and driving can become miserable if the heater doesn’t work. Our technicians will inspect the heater and other connecting components to ensure everything is working properly. If we run into an issue, our team can repair it with no problems.

Visit Our Dealership Soon!

We look forward to keeping you safe and comfortable during the winter season. Contact Colonial Ford if you have any questions about our service menu. Drivers from Monroe, CT, to Ridgefield, CT should go online and book a service appointment or call us today!

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