New Ford F-150 Now Available with Pro Trailer Backup Assist™

When it comes to hauling heavy loads, many drivers choose the Ford F-150 for a job well done. Why? Because this pickup truck lives up to its reputation and makes hard work easy to complete. It has the capability to do so thanks to its durable-yet-lightweight design and tried-and-true mechanics. Another major benefit, however, is its advanced technologies. Take the new Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ which is a class-exclusive feature not offered with competitors.

What is the Purpose of the Pro Trailer Backup Assist™?

Driving forward while towing large cargo is a challenge as it were. Going in reverse is therefore much more difficult. Fortunately, the Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ provides a solution. With just the turn of a knob and light touches of the brake and accelerator pedal, drivers can direct their new Ford F-150 backwards with greater efficacy and ease! No steering wheel necessary!

As seen in the video above, this new gadget—used in combination with the mirrors and rear view camera—makes reverse maneuvers a breeze. As you can therefore imagine, towing boats, campers, trailers, and other equipment is now easier than ever with the new Ford F-150.

Learn More with a Test Drive

The Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ is just one of many innovations now offered with the new Ford F-150. To learn more about this new Ford truck, we welcome you to test drive one of our models at Colonial Ford in Danbury, Connecticut. After a first-hand drive and speaking to our experts for more information, we are confident you will want to take one home with you. Rest assured, we will present competitive deals to you for a new Ford truck lease or purchase so you can make that Ford dream a reality.

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