Freshen Up Your Ford for the New Year

Your Ford sedan, SUV, or truck likely serves an important role in your life. After all, your vehicle takes you from destination to destination when you need it most. Treat your Ford to regular cleaning and service at our Danbury Service Center when you need a good wash, vacuum, and polish.

Do you prefer the hands-on approach to detailing your Ford vehicle? Follow our simple tips to keep your Ford fresh in the new year!

  • The first step for any car detailing process is to remove all the unnecessary objects, including trash, toys, jackets, and more from the cabin. You’ll want to vacuum out as much debris as you can initially so that you stir up less dust and grime as you continue working through the cabin.
  • Use a gentle touch and invest in high-quality cleaning products to ensure your Ford vehicle does not sustain damage during the cleaning process. Our cars, trucks, and SUVs are built to last many years, but it does not hurt to take extra precautions to ensure your vehicle looks its best.
  • Come across an upholstery stain? Dab it with cleaner rather than scrub. The force from scrubbing can cause damage to seating surfaces, carpets, and other interior upholstery, and dabbing is your best bet.
  • Make a resolution to keep your car tidy all year. Whether you touch up your vehicle weekly, monthly, or even seasonally, address any stains or discolorations on a regular basis to retain value in your vehicle.

Ready to turn heads in Danbury, Connecticut? Visit us here at Colonial Ford for all of your car care and service needs!

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