Why are many businesses adoring the 2017 Ford Transit Connect? It is durable and reliable. It provides high-style configuration features: right for your business. It allows you to stay connected with the business community and your customer with its handy offered Sync feature. You can now make use of your smartphone and tie it into your 2017 Ford Transit Connect. And if that is not all, the 2017 Ford Transit Connect saves you on gas consumption and offers you with an emission control system that is second to none.

The general contractor, electrical contractor, plumbing expert are just a few of the many businesses that the 2017 Ford Transit Connect can accompany. There is an anti-theft feature, that is offered with the automobile as well. An optional back of the Transit Connect camera makes it possible to track what is happening with regard to driver activities. There are a ton of built-in safety systems, for on the road driving. The 2017 Ford Transit Connect is built to assure your company employees, contractors, and drivers stay focused and connected. Vocational uplifting, too, assures your workers stay well-organized.

We invite you to stop by our dealership today at Colonial Ford to find out just how we can enhance the goals of your business. You are sure to be captivated with the 2017 Ford Transit Connect.

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