Two simple tools to keep in your roadside emergency kit

Your car breaking down is going to make for a seriously bad day. But what if you could fix it rather than be stranded on the side of the road? Here are two simple tools to keep in your roadside emergency kit that just might help you get back on the road.

Jack and spare tire
One of the most common problems people experience on the road is a flat tire. Something as simple as making sure your spare tire and jack are in the vehicle can save a bad day.

Ratchet and socket set
You might not want to go tearing down the engine on the side of the road, but a ratchet and socket set could be useful in making simple repairs. Reattaching a hose that slipped off or changing and broken belt can get you back on the road faster than the tow truck could get to you.

By having a few tools in your roadside emergency kit, you can limit the impact of roadside emergencies.
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