The NFL Chooses Ford as its Official Automotive Sponsor

Did you know that Ford Trucks have been named the official truck of the NFL? This union is fitting considering that both brands promote a vision of strength. While the Ford brand presents toughness in the form of a pickup truck, the NFL showcases it through their impressive players. Together, they make an all-American partnership that will surely appeal to football fans and driving enthusiasts alike.

If you and your friends like to throw tailgate parties to celebrate the football seasons, then now is the time to get in on the action! You will appreciate the introduction of Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks. Working in conjunction with the popular ride-sharing services, Uber, these trucks will deliver tailgate-ready food and merchandise right to you! Otherwise, you can always buy a great Ford F-150 or Ford Super Duty of your own. So come on down to the Colonial Ford showroom, and we'll put you in the best Ford available. There's just no better way to kick off the season than in a new Ford truck.

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